Installing JJB 330 on Ayers 07-cx

Got to work on this amazing looking Ayers Premium 07 a few weeks back. Owner wanted to install an affordable pickup that sounds good so he contacted me for the JJB 330.


This one has a spruce top and lovely rosewood body. The showstoppers here are the scoop cutaway, beveled armrest and the reddish bindings that look like bloodwood or padauk. Truly stunning.


Guitarbear is very impressed by the craftsmanship and exotic woods being used here. Wow.

On to the project.

Getting the end jack in place

The guitar came without any endpins so we need to locate the centre of the base. This was done using my cheap but reliable caliper.


Drill a 12mm hole for the end jack. Remember to use masking tape to avoid damages to the surface.


Using a thin copper wire, I carefully “fished” out the end jack from the sound hole and got in into position. Don’t over-tighten when screwing in the end piece or you’ll crack the wood.


Sticking the transducers

First we make a jig for installing the transducers. I use cardboard from the cereal box. Trace out the size that’s needed.


After tracing out the saddle line and poking through the 6 pin holes, we’re got a useful jig for installing the pickups. This gives precise locations of the transducers and allow accurate mounting.

Two plastic bridge pins act as the anchors.


Get some putty or Blu-Tack on the back of the transducers and do plenty of dry runs to get a good sensing of where to place your hand during the actual mounting before applying the glue.


Once you’re sure you can get a good placement, go ahead and apply the gel superglue and sticking them onto the bridge plate. If you see this (both anchors in position), it means everything is in the correct position.


Bearclaw Special

I gave the guitar a good clean up and polish. Bob watched as I oiled the fretboard and bridge. The ebony parts were slick and smooth after some TLC.


More shots of this beautiful guitar. Pardon my poor photography. 🙂 This guitar deserves better pictures than mine.

See those grains and red binding… Wow.




Edward came out to pose with the Ayers.







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