New PRS 2017 Guitars

The 2017 line sees the introduction of the Singlecut McCarty 594, 509 and the Santana Retro.


The 594

Classic look and vibes all around this one. Really nice looking.


The 509

5 pickups 9 sounds. That’s what the 509 stands for. PRS has billed this as the Swiss Army knive guitar with the single coil and humbucking sounds found here.


Santana Retro

Features many elements closer to the original guitars such as the control knob placement, body contours and headstock shape played by the legend himself. The Santana Retro will please collectors who want the the historical specs.

Other additions include new pickups for the S2 series which now feature the 85/15 S pickups.

The hollowbodies now also come in either piezo or non-piezo models.

Read more on PRS:

*photos from PRS


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