Super Sale Events

UPDATE on 27 Nov

Citymusic has rolled out their annual year end sale too.



As we head for the weekend, it’s good to know there are some good deals out there.

1. Swee Lee Sale 26 & 27 Nov


This is the headliner for sure. I’m expecting some crazy overnight queues and fist fights over there. 🙂

2. Yamaha Year End Sale until Jan 2017


Plenty of good deals here. Gig bags are going at good discounts. And I must repeat, if you haven’t check the Yamaha L series, seriously, check them out.

3. Maestro Guitars Year End Sale until 31 Dec


No information on what’s on discount, so head down to the store if you’re thinking of getting something. These guys have really stepped up their game with all the premium tonewoods and craftsmanship, so it’s great if you can get a good deal.

*pictures from Yamaha, Swee Lee and Maestro

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