Truss rod adjustment on old guitars

We start December with a useful tip on truss rod adjustments on older guitars.


Rusty or sticky parts

On some older guitars, the truss rod may be rusty or simply “seized” in its truss rod slot. This makes turning the truss rod very challenging due to the rough rough surfaces.

If you were to force your way to turn the truss rod on these guitars, there may be some horror stories down the line. The truss rod nut may snap or the truss rod itself may break.

Simple oiling to improve things

An easy and efficient method to overcome this problem is to apply some oil or WD40 in the truss rod slot to lubricate things before doing adjustments.


The idea is to lubricate the surfaces of the rod and wood so that you can turn the nut easily. So see the above picture on where you need to lube. Just a few drops of lube will do the job and you’ll run a lower risk of damaging the truss rod.

Also, remember to loosen first before tightening on all single action truss rods. This will also reduce chances of breaking the nut or truss rod.

*photos from Squier Talk



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