NOSG Squier Obey Strat

Got this at the recent Swee Lee sale. For some reasons I am just attracted to the rear rout configuration of this HSS Strat, not to mention the cool Obey graphics.


This one is a very old stock guitar tugged away at some corner during last week’s sale. It’s Indonesian made like the Squier Standard strats. I find the body quite well made and would even say it’s even better than the Mexico made Blacktop I have. It’s got nice comfortable curves and the finish is good.

The neck, hardware and electronics would seem to be the parts lagging behind.

It’s got a Duncan Designed HB102 at the bridge that’s a JB clone. Not too sure how good or bad it sounds yet. Tarnished hardware comes as standard on this series.


Quite a nice looking old violin burst finish on the back too.


I’m liking the big headstock but may go for some neck upgrade because the 42mm nut width here is a tad too narrow for my preference. We shall see if this one stays.


Over all not too bad for an impulse buy. I didn’t even bother to test if the electronics work! It’s quite unique with all the rear rout and graffiti thing going on. The trem and electronics may be swapped though. Let’s see if I will find time, space and money for the project.




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