Taylor GS Mini Setup

Got to work on this GS Mini Mahogany a few weeks back. Owner needed to lower the action and do a cleanup on his guitar.


While the action on this guitar wasn’t overly high to begin with, there’s still room for lowering the saddle for a more comfortable playing action.

Guitar was more concerned with what’s “under the hood”. Owner had purchased this one used so he had no idea what or who did the setup.


I found two strips of paper in the bridge slot under the saddle. This was puzzling because action wasn’t low enough to require shimming. And you definitely don’t use such material for shimming. We’re seeing two strips of paper that looks like they’re cut out from magazines. Terrible job by previous person who worked on this.


Straightened the truss rod a lil as there was a tad too much relief on the neck. Here’s a tip, use the Taylor factory truss rod tool.


Now it’s time to clean and moisturise the fretboard. This one is quite dirty and desperately needs some TLC from Guitarbear.


I got Kuma to help me get the fretboard back to life. Now it’s nice and shiny.  Pencil lead on nut slots too.

The saddle was sanded a bit lower to achieve action of just under 3/32 inch at 12th fret capo on 1st. I also went with Elixirs 12-53 for obvious reasons. 


Buddy photo with the Koa GS Mini.

The kids are loving these guitars.


Owner was very happy to get a much more playable guitar!



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