New Martins NAMM 2017

Martin has introduced a host of new products to be unveiled at Winter NAMM.

In this part, we look at the more budget friendly instruments.

25th Anniversary Backpacker


It’s pretty amazing to find the Backpacker turning 25 this year. This little guitar is really the cheapest full solid wood Martin that anyone can buy, even if it means using scrap woods at the factory. Guitarbear sees this as fully utilising the resources. The Anniversary Edition uses sapele for its overall construction and should be great for trips and campfires.

Road Series – DCRSG and GPCRSG


This year sees Mutenye (also known as Shedua) used on the Mexican made guitars. The RSGT guitars were introduced a few years back as affordable, all solid wood guitars and this latest addition proves that the formula is working for Martin to provide budget-conscious players.


The new guitars now come with cutaways and white bindings. The dreadnought model also comes  with a more popular 1-3/4 inch nut and wider bridge spacing than the older DRSGT.

X Series – 00LX1AE


Lower down the hierarchy, this small body guitar may be popular for players who want something different from the usual dreadnoughts and OMs. The 00 shape here also sports a shorter 24.9 inch scale.

Read more on Martin website.

*photos from Martin

*retail prices shown in USD


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