New Gibson 2017 Models

Breaking news as Gibson officially unveiled their 2017 models. We start with the affordable guitars in this post.


This year sees the return of budget friendly models. The new S Series start with the M modal at US$399. That’s even lower than the SGJ back in 2014.

Gibson M Series (US$399)


These are no frills guitars with a modest price. Body wood is poplar and neck is maple. Still has Gibson Pro-Buckers and comes with a gig bag. Super deal here.


Strawberry Milk finish – what a great colour!

Firebird Zero (US$499)


A simpler, no-frills Firebird guitar with Double Slug humbuckers. Again, plenty of interesting colours and finishes available. Woods used are again poplar body and maple neck.

dsfz17fech3_main_hero_01Firebird Zero in Frost Blue

SG Fusion (US$599)


The SG Fusion takes over the SGJ as the entry level mahogany bodied guitar. Pickups here are the same DS-C used in the Firebird Zero, and these guitars have been given solid finishes which one would guess aims to cover the plain wood grains. Still, one could do worse with US$599. These are still bona-fide Gibsons that’ll do the job.

Les Paul Custom Studio (US$699)


The LPs always sit higher in the Gibson stable so it’s not surprising they cost that bit more. Pickups, woods and controls are similar to the SG Fusion – mahogany body, maple neck and DS-C pickups.

Les Paul Custom Studio (US$899)

The LP Custom Studio tops the S series by virtue of its carved ash top, contoured heel, and tune-o-matic/stop tail bridge combo.


Some great looking satin finishes available, showing off the nice ash grains. The simplified controls (1V1T) and headstock may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


LP Custom Studio in worn brown satin


*photos from Gibson

*retails prices shown are in USD


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