New Travelcaster

Traveler Guitars have launched the new Travelcaster model.


While the guitar looks really radical (to the point of being absurd), this concept has actually been done a few years ago by Grassroots.

The Travelcaster has a full-sized 25.5 inch scale, 22 frets, fully functioning tremolo, and even a contoured heel.


Lovely Surf Green finish on this one. 

The whole idea of this design was to trim off the surrounding areas of a Strat pickguard, thereby leaving a much smaller footprint. See Traveler’s comparison diagram between the new model and a typical Strat.


While it is always nice to see some avant-garde guitar designs, one really has to wonder about the ergonomics of the Travelcaster. A big thumbs-down for that bizarre-looking headstock too.

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Side note:

Flashback to 2012/2013 when ESP Grassroots offered a similar guitar. The GR-PGG has the same design concept and went for about US$350 online. At least this one has a nicer headstock. 🙂




*photos from Traveler and


New Squier Jazzmaster models

Squier has officially unveiled the new Jazzmasters that were announced at Winter NAMM.


Affinity Jazzmaster HH


While purists may contest that “there is nothing Jazzmaster” about these guitars, they are definitely worth checking out when they arrive in SG. In fact, Guitarbear reckons they look promising with the string-through hard tailand HH configuration.


Key features include 22-frets and a 12 inch fret radius. Together with the HH setup, this feels like entering Les Paul territory.

Deluxe Jazzmaster ST and Tremolo


A nice looking pair of JMs which reminds me of Ironman in the movies. 🙂 These should be more popular with the traditional JM players since all the switches and pickup configurations are familiar items.

Buyers can choose between the Trem or Stop Tail versions. It’s nice to see Squier upping their game and offering interesting products.

*photos from Squier, Kenny’s Music and Dawsons Music