Fender Exotic Woods Ltd Ed 2017

Fender has announced the Exotic Woods Limited Editions for 2017 during NAMM weekend.


The entire collection has various guitars (and a bass) coming across several of Fender’s model lines.

Let’s take a look at some of the models.

The Pine Collection

The undoubted eye-catchers of this lot are the pine guitars. The Strat is spec-ed from the American Vintage ’59 series while the Jazzmaster and Tele comes from the newly launched American Professional Series.

American Vintage ’58 Pine Strat


I’ve always associated pine with Ikea furniture and it’s really nice to know the humble pine wood actually looks great with all that grain and knots showing.

American Professional Pine Jazzmaster


American Professional Pine Telecaster


Big deal here is the Telecaster that sports a sweet Charlie Christian neck pickup. Wow.

Malaysian Blackwood Telecaster


Seen in a rather unusual Tele configuration with two P90s, this one looks beautiful if the sapwood on display is as stunning as the file photo. There’s always something special with exotic woods and maple necks.

American Professional Mahogany Tele Deluxe


Another good looking Tele here, sporting a mahogany body. the pearloid pickguard looks great here.

Shedua Top Stratocaster


Shedua has been quite prominent of late. Following Martin’s use of this tone wood in last month’s Mexican made guitars, Fender has now introduced the Limited Edition Shedua Top Strat. Specs are same as the American Professional Strat although the brown pickguard works really well here.

Not sure if these will reach SG, but it’s always good to see some not-so-common guitars from Fender.

*pictures from Anderton’s UK and gearnews.com


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