Cort L100C bone saddle upgrade

Brought home this little Cort last week. This is the second time I have bought this guitar. While I previously owned the satin version, I must admit I prefer this glossy version more.


The Cort concert size would be closest to the Martin 00 14 fret size. It has a full 25.3 inch but comes in at about 39 inches overall length and 14 inch lower bout. This is perfect for people who prefer a smaller guitar and still want a full-scaled instrument.

See the size difference between the L100C and a dread.


It’s also slightly shallower, making it very comfortable for couch-playing.


Build is decent with a solid spruce top and laminated mahogany body. Of course you get what you pay for in life, so you’ll see wood joints on the neck and not-so-attractive grains on the wood.


Time to upgrade the new guitar.

Let’s go for a Bearclaw Special to pamper the new guy.

Fretboard moisturised with lemon oil. Nut slots lubed with pencil lead. Edward was there to help.


Bone saddle upgrade

The Cort uses a rather standard 72mm saddle so why not do an upgrade using some spare bone saddles I have?

Here’s a look at the clever scooped bridge. I love such bridge designs because they allow a greater break angle, thereby ensuring low action with plenty of exposed saddle. Great stuff!


Time to shape the saddle according to the stock plastic piece. Grits 100, 150, 400, 800, 1200 and finally 2000 to get that baby smooth finish. 🙂 We got a nice bone saddle ready for dropping in.



Polished and restrung with Elixirs. Action set at 3/32 inch at 12 fret. Bumbu is happy to welcome the new family member.


Closing notes:

The Cort L100C is good and fun little player that offers intimacy and couch-doodling where bigger guitars don’t fit.

It’s pretty loud and has good mids. The lack of bass is understandable given it’s size (or lack thereof), but hey, this is a $259 guitar. The Taylor Big Baby is about twice the price. The GS Mini is $699 with a 23 inch scale.

Guitarbear reckons it’s a good addition. 🙂


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