New Travelcaster

Traveler Guitars have launched the new Travelcaster model.


While the guitar looks really radical (to the point of being absurd), this concept has actually been done a few years ago by Grassroots.

The Travelcaster has a full-sized 25.5 inch scale, 22 frets, fully functioning tremolo, and even a contoured heel.


Lovely Surf Green finish on this one. 

The whole idea of this design was to trim off the surrounding areas of a Strat pickguard, thereby leaving a much smaller footprint. See Traveler’s comparison diagram between the new model and a typical Strat.


While it is always nice to see some avant-garde guitar designs, one really has to wonder about the ergonomics of the Travelcaster. A big thumbs-down for that bizarre-looking headstock too.

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Side note:

Flashback to 2012/2013 when ESP Grassroots offered a similar guitar. The GR-PGG has the same design concept and went for about US$350 online. At least this one has a nicer headstock. 🙂




*photos from Traveler and

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