Yamaha FS800 Bone Saddle Upgrade

Worked on this one over the weekend.


The 800 series, with new bracing patterns, is supposedly a step-up from the venerable 700 series.


The FS800 has a solid spruce top with laminate nato/okoume body. While the overall build and finish isn’t too shabby for a guitar at this price, it was an alarming sight to see the untidy heel and neck joint area.


Not sure is it’s glue residue or bad workmanship, this just looks disappointing given that this is a new guitar bought direct from Yamaha showroom.

Bearclaw Special

Let’s give the fretboard some TLC. Wombat was my assistant today with the steel wool and lemon oil.


We got the frets nice and shiny. Next was cleaning and lubing the nut slots.

Bone saddle upgrade

The owner brought this in mainly to swap out the stock plastic saddle for a bone saddle. I took the time to give this guitar a lower action too.


Remember to work with fresh sandpaper for better and faster cutting. Here you can see the used piece on the right. We got some sanding to do here.


After final shaping, I went from 400 – 600 – 1000 – 1500 grit sandpaper to get a porcelain smooth finish on the saddle. Baby smooth saddle. 🙂



Action is adjusted to about 3/32 inch at 12 fret, nice and easy to play. Bob came out to pose for a shot.

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