PRS Ltd Ed Reclaimed Wood Guitars

Big news from PRS as they unveiled two Ltd Ed guitars made from reclaimed wood.


The new guitars feature tops that are made of Peroba Rosa and fretboards made of Brauna Preto. These woods are sourced from old buildings and are said to have come from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.

That explains why nail holes and other blemishes can be seen on the guitars. Each top is unique, thereby making these guitars very special.

RLCE24Reclaimed Ltd CE 24 Semi-Hollow


Reclaimed Ltd S2 Vela Semi-Hollow

The two beautiful guitars are rightfully presented in a natural satin finish to show off the rustic look that truly befits the series’ name.

Production is likely to be capped at 600, so let’s see if they will reach our sunny island.

Read more:

*all photos from PRS

*Guitarbear had to go clean up after drooling all over the computer. These guitars are very drool-inducing.


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