TC-Helicon Critical Mass

TC-Helicon has launched their latest voice pedal that features group and choir effects.

I have seen some vocalists using vocal pedals during live sets and to be honest, these vocal pedals are pretty useful if you’re the only one in the band who sings.

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*photo from TC-Helicon


Leather Accessories

For the ultimate fanboys out there… Yet more fashion accessories from your favourite guitar makers. 🙂

Larrivee Leather Wares

Since introducing the guitar straps by Koch leather last year, Larrivee has added more items to their leather line. We now have wallets, key-fobs and even leather belts and buckles.


Made from Horween leather that smells great and feel greater. The lady has a Koch leather tote and I must say that their stuffs are really good for the price.

Photo Jul 22 3 33 55 PM_1500x1000

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Duesenberg Luxury Belt


These are cool leather belts with buckles made from solid pewter. Way cool if you dig the style.


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*photos from Larrivee and Duesenberg

Taylor GS Mini American Girl

An interesting release from Taylor. This time has teamed up with toy maker Mattel to create a life-sized guitar based on the GS Mini.


Like a regular GS Mini, this one sports a solid spruce top and layered sapele body with special teal finish with floral designs.


Not bad if you’re getting a gift for your loved one. 🙂

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*photos from Taylor