GS Mini Mahogany Bone Saddle Upgrade

Worked in this GS Mini mahogany a few weeks back. The guitar was buzzing due to an overly low saddle and the owner needed to get it fixed for his upcoming gig.


Here you can see that there is almost no break angle at the saddle so it’s no wonder the guitar buzzed when strummed even moderately. The saddle looked really dirty here due to the rust caused by sweaty palm.


The idea here was put in a bone saddle and get the optimum saddle height for best playability and tone. We got some Hosco Japan bone saddle for this project.


Carefully shaped to match the Taylor 15 inch radius and to fit the saddle slot.


Bearclaw Special

TLC for all nice guitars. Who likes shiny frets and moisturised fretboards? Wombat was my assistant here.


Pencil lead on nut slots and cleaned up the whole guitar. This was a gigging guitar and it needed some effort to clean off those beer stains. 🙂

Adjusting truss rod to add relief

I used the Taylor truss rod tool to get it a quarter turn. The GS Minis come stock with 13s so going to 12s will require a bit more relief for the thinner strings. (Note that this is a staged photo.)


Some final adjustments to the saddle height and we’re good to go. Action is now around 3/32 inch at 12th fret.


Roger came out to pose with the guitar. Let’s hope the gig goes well for the owner.



Closing notes:

This particular Mini sounds really good here. It’s got lots of presence and it’s one of the most lush sounding GS Mini I have worked with.

Guitarbear suspects this is due to the fact that it gets played all the time (owner is a gigging musician and doesn’t own too many guitars). So it is true that a played-in worn-in instrument sounds and feels better.



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