Squier Classic Vibe 50s Refurbishing

Brought home this Classic Vibe Strat last week. I’ve been wanting a white Strat recently and this could be useful in scratching the itch. 🙂 The Classic Vibes are proven gems in the budget range so I figured there’s no harm in having one more.


This one is the Olympic White version that comes with a gold anodized pickguard. Not sure if the pickguard will stay, but let’s give some TLC to the new guy.


While the overall condition was excellent without a single scratch or dent, the hardware was getting rusty from neglect. The previous owner had obviously not played it for some time and there was dust and rust all over.


Just look at the dust here.


These strings just spell TETANUS. This guitar was banned from going near my sofa or bed before the cleanup.


OK, we removed those horrible rusty strings. But it seems like the rust had spread to the frets. No problems, Guitarbear can solve this.

Bearclaw Special


I gave the entire guitar a good wipe and massage with Music Nomad ONE followed by Dr Duck Ax Wax. Final buffing and it’s all good and shiny again.

Let’s work on the rusty frets. I used masking tape to shield the gloss maple fretboard. It took some time, but it’s necessary to prevent damage to the finish.


Light polishing using Dr Duck Ax Wax and 0000 steel wool.

Tada! Who likes shiny frets? Clover was there to supervise the project.


Final cleanup and restrung with D’addario 9-42. I added some relief to the neck since I’m going with 9-42 these days. Saddles were also lowered to get a better action.

Here’s a buddy shot with Goldie, my other CV50 Strat.


Edward was happy to see a guitar with similar colour scheme as him. 🙂


Closing note:

The Classic Vibe 50s are consistently good. In terms of workmanship, feel and tone, I’d rate these guitars on par or slightly better than MIM Strats. While there are divided opinions about the tinted glossy neck and “featherweight” body, the CV50 displays superb playability and tones. The Alnico 3 pickups here sound really glassy and classy. These are probably a safe catch for anyone who wants to try out a Strat.


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