New Vox Amps

Vox has launched some new amps and (oddly) a radio.



The new Adio series amp is a compact and lightweight model that delivers 50W of stereo sound. That’s really impressive numbers for such a small amp.


Weighing just under 3kg, this tiny wonder provides all the connectivity via bluetooth and USB. The amp can also be powered by 8 AA batteries. This seems to be the way forward as more amp makers are adding connectivity portability features in their new releases.

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AC2 Rhythm Vox


The new amp replaces the outgoing model. This time, Vox has doubled the output from 1W to 2W. Fun little amps for the office or campfires.

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AC30 Radio


Definitely a release based on nostalgia since less people are tuning in to radio these days. It would be cool if this was some sort of bluetooth speaker, but no, it seems to be a pure good ol’ radio.


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*beautiful photos from Vox


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