New Ibanez Artwood models

Ibanez has introduced some new models in their Artwood range.

New 300 Series

The new 300 series feature Thermo Aged bridges that are akin to torrefaction or “baked wood” for achieving that played-in tone.



This is the updated version of the venerable AC240 and should be a hit among fans who are looking for a bluesy fingerstyle guitar. Solid mahogany top with laminated mahogany body.



Great looking blonde finish on the spruce top sibling. The 45mm nut should again make fingerstyle players happy.



This one features a black open pore finish that stands out quite a lil’ from the usual dreads.



Although not part of the 300 series, this little 12-fret parlour should be interesting. Solid spruce top and laminated mahogany body. Has a shorter 634mm scale that provides a more intimate feel for couch doodling. 🙂 We’re reading fretboard and bridge are made of treated pinewood from New Zealand and this is yet another signal that there are many other alternatives to rosewood.

*photos from Ibanez


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