Yamaha LS16BC Billy Corgan

The new model LJ16BC announced at NAMM features special headstock inlays, inner label, brass pins and Gotoh tuners.

BC banner 03_1200x480_280b740092782a92c2808488d1c4459e

The LJ shape has been the “quietest” in terms of popularity among the 3 body shapes in the L Series. Let’s hope this one can revive some interest, especially for players who feel the LL shape too big and unwieldy.

Guitarbear had the pleasure of playing all 3 L Series shapes extensively and it’s my guess that most players will either take the LS for fingerstyle and the LL for strumming and volume. The LJ sits between the two and is usually overlooked.

Although curvier than the LL, the LJ is still a big guitar as it has about the same body thickness. It is also slightly longer in its overall length since it has really round lower bout.


Comes in vintage natural or burst finishes.



*photos from Yamaha


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