PRS SE Custom 24 Special Run

PRS Europe has announced the limited run of SE Custom 24 with maple fretboard.


Maple boards are usually used on higher-end PRS models so this is a really cool addition considering the fact that there is no premium charged. Full marks to PRS for that.

Comes in 6 colours and each colour is limited to 100 pieces.

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*photo from PRS Europe



TC Electronic UniTune Clip Tuner

Another new tuner by TC Electronic. This one offers  both chromatic and strobe tuning up to ±0.02 cent accuracy.


Maybe it’s time for Guitarbear to try one of these mini strobe tuners.

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*photo from MusicRadar

Money well spent

For those who own a few more guitars than they should (and that includes me), it is no joke to restring your guitars. The money you’d spend could well be enough to get a nice decent guitar.


So some people have been saying Elixirs cost too much or sound too bright. But I reckon they actually help you to save money. Just think about it, a set of Elixirs costs $20 street price and they easily last more than 3 months. A pack of basic guitar strings cost around $8 but they’d only last for  a week before tarnishing or rusting.

Quite a no-brainer decision right?

Go to Bernard Godfrey Guitars or G77+ for the best street prices.