OMEC Teleport from Orange Amplification

Awesome little pedal from Orange. It looks so simple and basic but actually does so much.


Great review by Mary Spender.

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*photo from Orange



Alvarez AU70C Setup & Pickup Installation

Worked on this uke last month.


The AU70C belongs to the missus and it’s been sitting there for some time. I figured it’s time to install the last few pickups I have and do a setup too.


It’s a pretty well-made uke with a solid spruce top and laminate rosewood b/s, and really aesthetically pleasing with the satin finish, abalone rosette and herringbone binding on the body.


Lowering nut height

The strings at nut tend to sit a lil’ high so I guess it’s better to sand down the nut instead of filing each slot individually. I used a flat chip board and gently knocked off the nut.


Warning: Be very gentle or you risk breaking off the headstock. Most nuts should have some glue to hold it in place and it may also be a good idea to heat up the area before removal.


Sanding nut and saddle

So we got both the nut and saddle ready to be filed down.


Just a tiny wad of glue will do.


And we have the nut nicely glued in.


I took the time to give the fretboard and frets some TLC. Ax Wax and steel wool perform their magic with Bowie overseeing the work.


Installing JJB 110 pickup

Drilling for the end jack

We need a 12mm hole at the base. Always tape up to prevent cracks on the finish. The exact point to drill was located using a simple caliper and ruler.

I work from 3mm – 5mm – 8mm – 10mm and finally 12mm. This is actually faster than using a step bit. We’ll clean up the wood dust later.

OK, we got a nice 12mm hole.

Some filing is needed to smooth out the insides which will have some splinters. I use a cheap small file for this.

The trusted copper wire is inserted from the end…

Then it exits via the sound hole for me to attach the endjack…

And finally I “fish” it back out at the bottom end.

Screw in the end pin and it’s done.

Since there’s only one transducer to be glued, it’s a fairly easy job. But try to glue the single transducer as near as the centre of the bridge plate.

Restrung with Aquila Nylguts

Tune up, and we’re good to go. 🙂 Bowie had been the sole assistant for this project.

Let’s see when this will get a chance to be played plugged-in.