Fender Meteora

The highly anticipated Meteora has been officially released.


This turned many heads when it was announced at NAMM as part of the Parallel Universe Series. With its oddball shape and combination of many Fender guitar design elements, the Meteora is truly new and refreshing.


Let’s hope a Mexican made version is in the works.


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*photos from Fender


2 responses to “Fender Meteora

  1. Madly in love with the design, it’s different enough to be new but I’d still would’ve recognized it as a Fender on a heartbeat.

    Not sure if the switch placement was a happy choice though. The way my right hand goes, I’d be always switching to the bridge!


  2. I guess you’re right about the switch placement. Honestly I see this as a hit or miss. Ergonomics should follow that of a Jazzmaster if you look beyond the ground-breaking design. Let’s hope they do more affordable versions.

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