LS Guitar First Look

This was the last purchase of 2018, but only reached me last week due to the delay at customs over the holidays.


I bought a guitar, not the plant. OK, I love the plant too. 

The LS Guitar is likely a no-brand factory-made geetar from Guangzhou China, slapped with the logo “LS”. We’ll try to find out what the letters/initials mean soon. 🙂


This one boasts full-solid mahogany construction with plenty of bling going on. First we look at the armrest. Then there’s full wood binding with abalone and maple purflings.  Rosette is also wood with abalone. Wow.


And the headstock goes full-on with inlays and pearl border. Man, this is almost crossing the line between elaborate and gaudy. Tuners are gold-plated Gotoh 501 copies. The logo… “LS”. What does it mean? 


More inlays around the 12th fret. Wohoo.


5-ply neck construction with volute. My only gripe here is that the two strips don’t exhibit much wood grains. Such a pity.

Gave it a quick tune-up and played it a lil’. Sounds pretty decent but stock strings will go for sure. They are some kinda strange-looking “D’Addario EXPs” based on the hang tag, and sound very plinky. I really don’t think these are genuine.


Here’s a look at the front again.


And a back view where you can see all the lovely grains. Oh yes, there is a back-strip or whatever you call that along the back. Made of wood too, with maple purfling.


I know you must be cursing me now for not revealing the price. This one costs about $411 shipped to my door. We’re talking about a full-solid wood guitar with all the bling and appointments.

Stay tuned for full in-depth review. 





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