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Furch OM-LX LTD Rainbow

As we look outside NAMM releases, here’s a Ltd Ed from Furch, on sale at Thomann.


Limited to just 20 pieces, the OM-LX LTD has Alpine spruce top and Franconian mulberry back & sides. This is the first time I’ve heard of this wood being used.


I must say the grains look somewhat similar to Pau Ferro.


There’s some gorgeous silking or bearclaws on that Alpine top. Wow.

Going for around $3910 from Thomann.

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*photos from Thomann


EHX Guitar Strings

EHX has joined the strings business with their latest launch.


Made in USA by a “premier string manufacturer”, the strings feature colour-coded ball ends and come in corrosion-inhibiting bags. We’re guessing this points to a certain well-regarded “D’ brand” who’s actually making them.

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*photo from EHX

Cort X700 Duality

Great new release from Cort.

X700-Duality-main(0) (1).png

The X700 Duality becomes the flagship model of the X series with high-end appointments such as Seymour Duncan pickups, 3-piece neck, locking tuners and a gorgeous flame top.


As for tonewoods, neck is panga panga with maple while body is flame maple over swamp ash. The ebony fretboard further confirms that Cort has placed this model at the upper-tier of their catalogue.


This should give similar guitars such as Kiesel A6 and Ibanez RG series a run for the money.

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*photos from Cort


Martin Modern Deluxe Series

Martin has launched the new Modern Deluxe Series featuring a new neck profile and innovative materials.


Four models are introduced here – D-28, D-18, 000-18 and OM-18. All guitars feature largely the same appointments such as wood binding, VTS tops and Adi bracing. These are significantly upgraded appointments when compared to the Standard series.

Plenty of interesting new materials such as “liquid metal” beidge pins, carbon fibre bridge plates and titanium truss rods are used on these guitars. These parts are said to reduce weight yet maintaining great volumes for the discerning player.

D-28 Modern Deluxe


Doesn’t look too different from a Standard D-28 at first glance, but upon closeup you get flame maple bindings, gold hardware and pearl inlays.



The OM-28 and 000-28 has identical appointments but have different scale lengths. The OM has a more “standard’ 25.4″ scale while the 000 has a shorter 24.9”.

It’s always nice to see more luxurious appointments on Martins but expect to pay a premium for them. Retail prices for these are US$4399 (D-18) and US$5199 for the 28 appointed guitars.

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*photos from Martin and MusicRadar