American Elite New Colours

New colours for instruments in the American Elite series.


Champagne and Ocean Turquoise are added to the palette across 4 models – Strat, Tele, J Bass and P Bass.


I must say the Champagne Strat with maple board looks great.

*photos from and Fender



Alvarez MD70 Bone Saddle Installation

Did a drop-in bone saddle project on this Alvarez MD70 last week.


This is a previous model from 2013 but this guitar is just stunning in terms of value, quality and tone. While the latest MDA70 gets a wider nut width and abalone bindings, the MD70 still carries attractive appointments like flame maple bindings.


Guitarbear still prefers the older 43mm nut widths over the latest guitars.

Here you can see that the saddle doesn’t have the suitable curve. The thicker strings sit too “straight” and a new saddle with the correct radius is required. While it is easy to simply drop in a saddle, it takes more time and effort to get the best curve for playing comfort.


There are also too many shims being used. Not sure how much tone is lost here, but it is always good to make a new saddle with the correct measurements.


A comparison photo where you can see that the original saddle was way too straight at the thicker strings.


No problems. We got sandpaper from 100 to 2000 grit, as well as the good ol’ jeweler’s file to craft the new saddle.

The wire anchor of the LR Baggs Anthem (previously installed by owner) came off so we need to tape it back. Easy job here.


Remove the anchor, remove the old tape, and clean up the contact. Then, cut some new double-sided tape to reinstall the anchor. Just use a pair scissors to snip off the excess bits.


Okay, all neat and tidy now. Nothing loose or rattling anymore.


Bearclaw Special

Let’s do some TLC for this lovely guitar.

Fretboard wasn’t too dirty in the first place, but all guitars deserve a good massage and moisturising session. Steel wool and Ax Wax are good friends here. Bowie was assistant today.


Bridge was also nourished with Ax Wax, while nut slots were lubricated with pencil lead.


We got a good fit on the new saddle. Restrung with Elixirs in owner’s preferred super light gauge 10-47.

Gave the guitar an overall clean and polish and we’re good to go. Miffy was ready to pose.


It’s a lovely guitar. I asked the owner if he would sell it to me, and I got a flat “NO”.

Nevertheless, my trusted AD30, my No.1, came out to pose with his cousin from the same year (2013).


Giveaway sign would be the fret markers. High end models have only the 12th marker and not the dots.


MD70 has solid rosewood body while the humble AD30 has laminate mahogany. Both just beautiful to me. I love Alvarez.

One more shot of the MD70 that mesmerized me. Sexy back.


Owner was really happy to get back his guitar with the improved playing comfort.



St. Vincent Masseduction Ltd Ed Guitars

EBMM has released the Special Edition St. Vincent guitars to support her latest album Masseduction.


Some really cool colours out there and each variant is limited to only 3 pieces world-wide. Wow.


The neon pink one is just one of those oddball guitars that has Guitarbear in the “Like It” camp. Not so sure about EBMM headstocks, but the pink one just looks uber cool.


Other features include stainless steel frets, 3 DiMarzio mini humuckers, Schaller locking tuners, and special ebony fretboard with inlays. Oh, and don’t forget that each guitar will come with special edition of the Masseduction vinyl.

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*photos from EBMM and Guitar World



New Gibson Slash Firebird

Following the Anaconda Burst Les Pauls, Gibson has launched the limited edition Slash Firebirds.


This may come as a surprise because most of us would only associate the LP to the GnR guitarist. But hey, Slash can play whatever guitar he likes.


Only 25 of each are made. The Trans Black version retails at US$6199 while the Trans White version goes for US$7699.


Features include reliced finish, beautiful maple caps, Slash endorsed pickups and special pickguard with Slash’s logo.


Probably good for serious Slash fans/collectors.

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*photos from Gibson and Slash Guitars Facebook page