Taylor GS Mini American Girl

An interesting release from Taylor. This time has teamed up with toy maker Mattel to create a life-sized guitar based on the GS Mini.


Like a regular GS Mini, this one sports a solid spruce top and layered sapele body with special teal finish with floral designs.


Not bad if you’re getting a gift for your loved one. 🙂

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*photos from Taylor

New Ed Sheeran Little Martin

Martin has launched the latest Ed Sheeran Divide Little Martin.


Again, the guitar will sport design elements and colours from his latest album. This time, we get plenty of aqua blue on the logos, fret markers and even bridge pin dots. A divide sign is also etched on the guitar top.


These are expected to move at lightning speed at stores and our local AD City Music has opened a pre-order exercise. Better put your name down fast if you want one.


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*photos from Martin

Martin D-420

A good video courtesy of Fly Music China finally came up so here we take a look at the Martin D-420 that was announced earlier this year at the NAMM Show.


The D-420 shares very similar specs to the venerable D-18. It’s bread and butter, tried and tested Sitka spruce top mahogany dreadnought.

What stands out here is the illustration by Robert Goetzl which is printed on the soundboard. The grizzly bear under the bridge area looks rather cute. 🙂


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*photos from Elderly Instruments and PMT UK.

Single strings

Bought a whole bunch of Elixir single strings this week.


I get the annoying situation of snapping the high E every now and then through repeated tune/detune (during setup and adjustments) or aggressive (actually poor technique) bending. This is especially infuriating when you’ve just installed a new set.

So, yea, at $2 per piece, it’s not too bad at all.