Fender American Original Series

Fender has announced the new American Original Series.


These guitars (and basses) will replace the outgoing American Vintage Series and come with some tweaks and changes.


Pickups are now period correct in terms of construction and tone, right down to the cloth wires used. The nitro finishes are also era-specific, adding more vintage vibes.

Strat and Tele


60’s Strat in Sunburst

The Strats and Teles come in 50’s and 60’s style, with maple and rosewood fretboards as indicators. Ironically, they also come with a 9.5″ fret radius which seems more modern than vintage.


50’s Tele in Blonde


60’s Jaguar and Jazzmaster


60’s Jazzmaster in Ocean Turquoise


60’s Jaguar in 3T Sunburst

Fans of offset guitars are not forgotten and these models should please those who are going for a more surf rock and alternative tones.


P-Bass and Jazz Bass


50’s P-Bass in Sunburst

The basses are again categorised according to the fretboards. Vintage pickups are recreated to get the era-specific tones.

Closing thought:

While it’s common to add new model lines to the catalogue, Guitarbear really wonders how Fender come up with model names such as “American Professional” or “American Elite”.

If we look at the older model names, we’d see a clear progression – Special to Standard to Deluxe to Custom Shop. Now it is quite impossible to tell if the Original sits higher than the Professional range. If anything, Professional sounds more expensive to me over Original.

Of course the price could be an indicator. But we probably need more justification for the price difference.

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PRS S2 Studio

PRS has announced the new S2 Studio which features a HSS pickup configuration.


A coil split on the bridge humbucker via the push/pull tone knob enables up to 7 sounds on the guitar.


This should be popular with players who want the best of both worlds – single coil and humbucker tones.


Tobacco Sunburst shown above

Comes in 5 finishes, the Frost Blue and Frost Green Metallic versions are the more unusual (and cool) colours for PRS.


Frost Blue Metallic pictured above

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*photos from PRS

Zoom H1n

The new Zoom H1n has arrived.


This new upgrade boosts features such as overdubbing, “one-touch controls” and a better display. All good stuffs for recording on the fly.

Retails for $180 at our local dealer. This should be a hit for those who need a fuss-free recorder for simple recordings.

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*photo from sound-service.eu

Martin Standard Series 2018

The “Reimagined” Standard Series sees more than 20 models updated for 2018.


Changes include open gear tuners, aged bindings and age toners to the new guitars. Guitars from the 28 to 45 styles get all the new niceties along with a slight price increase.

Will be interesting to see how the updates improve the already venerable standard models.

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*poster from MusicRadar


Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer

This has been the talk of the town way before its official launch.


The Nu Tubescreamer incorporates NuTube technology into its circuitry and is truly made in Japan.

An update to a classic pedal. I’d expect this to fly off the shelves when it reaches SG.

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*photo from Ibanez