Recycled jewellery

GHS Strings and Wear Your Music has teamed up to create a series of bracelets made from recycled strings.


Pretty cool idea and good use of recycled material here. They even offer versions where the strings come from famous musicians, although I’m not sure how one can certify is the strings did in fact come from said artistes.


Prices range from US$18 – $85.

I wonder if bracelets made from certain brands will turn out less rusty. ๐Ÿ™‚

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*photos from Wear Your Music



Updates on the blog

We’re entering mid-February and Guitarbear has received some enquiries about the cessation of guitar services since the beginning of 2018, with some friends/fans even concerned about my health/financial situation.


Here are some clarifications:

  1. The blog was never intended to be a platform to promote my guitar services. It was conceived because of my interest.
  2. I have a day job. I didn’t (and I still don’t) rely on guitar servicing to pay my bills and meals. I have no plans to turn hobby into career. Leave that to the professionals.
  3. ย The only reason to stop offering guitar services is time. I want to spend more time on playing and tinkering with my own guitars. I need to practise. I need to improve.
  4. Guitarbear blog will continue, I may still showcase some setting up/restoration projects/reviews on guitars I have bought – my own guitars.
  5. Guitarbear will still gladly provide free advice on guitars and setups as best as I can.

As always, keep all enquiries and comments coming at my email:



The Commuter Strat Scene

Caught this film over the weekend, and I was surprised to see a Strat making an appearance in one of the fight scenes.


Even more surprised that a Strat could be so deadly. The way Liam Neeson wields a Strat makes guys like Pete Townshend look gentle. ๐Ÿ™‚

See the scene and you’ll know what I’m saying.

*scene photo from Time Magazine. Vera Farmiga totally rocks!