1.Where can I find guitarbear?

I am located in Queenstown area (walking distance from Commonwealth MRT). 

2.Can you come by to Ulu Hantu Area 51 Road to collect my guitar?

I’m very sorry I can’t do that. I have a job and family so I’m afraid we can only meet and deal at my location at my convenience. For small items such as bridge pins, I provide free local postage. This saves us precious time.

3. What days and times are you available then?

Typically I can transact on weeknights at my location, usually about 9pm. Sundays around 12 noon works for me too. 

4.Can you work on violins or erhu or double bass?

No, I can only work on the instruments that I play and familiar with. Unfortunately, my limited talents mean I only know how to barely play the guitar and ukes.

5.How do I pay guitarbear?

Payments will be made in cash when we meet up. Payments can also be made via internet or ATM fund transfer. 

6.Are you certified master supreme champion luthier?

No I’m not. I’m self-taught. I beg, borrow and steal info and knowledge from the internet and shamelessly ask the masters for advice. 

7.What is the Bearclaw Special that comes when I send in my guitar?

It is just a fancy and cute name I gave to the simple maintenance work I do on your guitar when you send it in for setups and pickup installations. It includes:

  • Moisturising fingerboard and bridge with lemon oil
  • Fret clean and polish with steel wool or super fine sandpaper
  • Lubricating nut and saddle with pencil lead
  • Smooth out rough areas such as nut slots, saddle crowns or fret ends
  • Body/hardware cleaning

8. Can I sit in and watch while you work on my guitar?

At the moment you can’t because I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have my own place yet. But feel free to ask me anything about setups and I will gladly show or teach you at no costs. 

Contact me at GuitarbearSG@yahoo.com