Yamaha Unplugged Weekend Sale

Special prices for FG/FS 820 guitars ($339) , as well as some great deals on the L series (LL16D for $999, LL16M for $799)  if you’re looking for a new guitar.


*poster from Yamaha


Faith Guitars New Models

Faith Guitars have launched some new guitars to their lineup.

  1. Nexus Series


The new Nexus Series features full mahogany construction with gloss finishes and all black hardware. Available in great-looking Cognac and Copper Black finishes.

Comes in two bodyshapes – Neptune (SJ) and Venus (OM) – they should be popular with players looking for different tonal qualities from the more common spruce topped guitars.

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2. Naked Black Stain and Cedar/Mahogany


These two new guitars will be parked under the Naked Series which feature less bling than other series.


Naked Neptune Cedar/Mahogany pictured above

The Cedar/Mahogany variants again look interesting for players who are seeking a different tone from the usual spruce top guitars.

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*photos from Faith Guitars



Maestro Guitars Year-End Sale

Not a bad time to drop by if you’re looking for something special.


They’ve upped their game in recent years and are making really good stuffs. Too bad resale value (or lack thereof) has always been a factor for many potential buyers.

Let’s hope people will change their mindset when it comes to brands that are outside of the (perceived) elite circle.

*poster from Maestro Guitars Facebook


Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

Looks like he’s going the Chapman Guitar route in launching his own brand of guitars.


Solar guitars draw much inspiration from Ola Englund’s Washburn signature guitars and materials include high quality parts from Floyd-Rose bridges and Grover tuners.

Model names are rather straightforward – the V and E would indicate their respective shapes whereas the A and S models are most likely named after the Strat styles.

Solar-A2.6TBRM-Baritone-front.pngThe A2.6 in Trans Blood pictured above


The E1.6ET in White Matte pictured above

Looks promising for players who prefer a slightly different take on traditional shapes.

Guitars are now available direct at:


*photos from Solar Guitars and MusicRadar