Tips – installing new tuner buttons

Got an email from a reader requesting for a tutorial on how to change out old tuner buttons. So here it is.


I got some cheapo white acrylic tuners buttons to replace the black ones on my guitar. First we gotta remove the buttons. Unscrew using a suitable jeweler’s screwdriver. I use the cheap ones, no need for fancy stuff.


Simply unscrew the old buttons.


Most tuner buttons come with two washers (one plastic and one metal) and a screw to hold them in place. But we’ll be using the new ones that come with the new buttons.


Note the order here – it usually goes like this. Machine head – plastic washer – metal ring washer – button itself – screw to hold in place.


Screw the buttons in. Tighten accordingly. Too tight or too loose won’t work.


OK, we got new tuner buttons.







Charvel Guitars New Pro-Mod Models

Charvel Guitars launched some new and interesting models at the recent NAMM.

Pro-Mod DK24


This new model to the series comes with beautiful quilted tops and gold hardware.


Pickups are Seymour Duncan Jazz neck and Full Shred bridge – popular combination for superstrats.


A host of other features include locking tuners, compound neck radius and easy access truss rod adjustments make this Mexican model an interesting consideration to the typical ST-type guitars.

Updates to the Style 1 and Style 2 models

The Style 1 and 2 guitars get new finishes and hardware for 2018.


Gold hardware makes the new San Dimas HH HT (pictured above) look really good.


The So-Cal HH FR (above) gets a new finish called Matt Blue Frost.

The Style 2 has an okoume model added to lineup.


The San Dimas Style 2 HH FR Okoume (above) looks pretty cool with the stripped-down look.

Nice guitars that offer something different. I’d say it’s a smart way for FMIC to run their sister brands.

*photos from Charvel Guitars



Gibson Modern Flying V

Gibson brings radical to a new level by rolling out the Modern Flying V.


The new guitar looks rightfully like an evolved Flying V with a contoured top and a curvier silhouette. Scale length remains typically Gibson (24.75″), while controls are rather simple here with only two knobs and a selector.


Comes in three finishes – Ebony Prism, Silver Prism and Gold Prism. These are Custom Shops Ltd Runs and retail at US$4499.

Guitarbear listened and watched plenty of Scorpions so the Flying V has a special place. Perhaps a more regular version (and more affordable price) would be attractive enough to give this a try.

Read more:

*photos from Gibson


Updates on the blog

We’re entering mid-February and Guitarbear has received some enquiries about the cessation of guitar services since the beginning of 2018, with some friends/fans even concerned about my health/financial situation.


Here are some clarifications:

  1. The blog was never intended to be a platform to promote my guitar services. It was conceived because of my interest.
  2. I have a day job. I didn’t (and I still don’t) rely on guitar servicing to pay my bills and meals. I have no plans to turn hobby into career. Leave that to the professionals.
  3.  The only reason to stop offering guitar services is time. I want to spend more time on playing and tinkering with my own guitars. I need to practise. I need to improve.
  4. Guitarbear blog will continue, I may still showcase some setting up/restoration projects/reviews on guitars I have bought – my own guitars.
  5. Guitarbear will still gladly provide free advice on guitars and setups as best as I can.

As always, keep all enquiries and comments coming at my email: