Friedman Tour Pro Pedal Boards

Friedman has launched the new Tour Pro pedal boards which feature both flat and slant surfaces to enable easy access to the pedals during play.


The Tour Pro series come in 3 sizes (20 inch, 25 inch and 30 inch). Buyers can also select upgrade packages such as Gold (which includes a buffer and patch bay) and Platinum (which adds on a power grid).


Great quality stuffs.

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*photos from Friedman

TC Electronic New Mini Pedals

TC Electronic has added mini versions of their HyperGravity and Mimiq to their growing mini pedal catalogue.

TC Electronic minis

The HyperGravity Mini Compressor and Mimiq Mini┬áDoubler offer very similar features and sounds of their full-size siblings. So if you don’t need the option of battery operation, it’s a good time to shrink your pedalboard with these small wonders.

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