Billionaire by Danelectro

Some catchy model names by Danelectro with their new Billionaire series pedals.


With names such as Billion Dollar Boost, Big Spender and Filthy Rich, these pedals really seem fun.


The star of the series, however, must be the Battery Billionaire pedal which is a portable power supply. It houses four 9V batteries and a killswitch to cut power without having to unplug the pedals. Really cool!


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*photos from and Danelectro


Money well spent

For those who own a few more guitars than they should (and that includes me), it is no joke to restring your guitars. The money you’d spend could well be enough to get a nice decent guitar.


So some people have been saying Elixirs cost too much or sound too bright. But I reckon they actually help you to save money. Just think about it, a set of Elixirs costs $20 street price and they easily last more than 3 months. A pack of basic guitar strings cost around $8 but they’d only last for  a week before tarnishing or rusting.

Quite a no-brainer decision right?

Go to Bernard Godfrey Guitars or G77+ for the best street prices.

New Orange Amps Pedals

Orange Amps has been busy promoting their pair of new pedals – Fur Coat and Getaway Driver.


Apart from the interesting graphics on the bodies, these bad boys aren’t too shabby in the tone department either.

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*photo from Guitar Girl Magazine