Furch Luxury Leather Straps

Furch Guitars have announced their own line of luxury guitar straps.

Furch Guitars - Straps.JPG

The straps come in black or brown, and feature premium materials such as nubuck leather with thick 4mm foam for playing comfort.

Furch Guitars - Black Strap 1

Definitely worthy companions for your Furch guitars.

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*photos from Furch


Cleartone Redesigned Coated Strings

Cleartone has updated their entire line of coated strings to offer up to 5 times more lifespan. Oct18_LNU_Cleartone_TreatedStrings_WEB.png

Cool new packaging that looks like it’s taken right out of the TRON world.

When it comes to string longevity, Guitarbear has yet to find a brand that can match Elixirs, so here hoping that the situation changes with the latest market entry.

*photo and story from Premier Guitar


Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings

Martin Guitars have introduced a new line of strings.


The Authentic string series comes in Lifespan 2.0, Marquis Silk and SP (standard) versions, and they effectively replace the previous lineup. Martin has said that the new generation strings were developed over two years and provide longer duration of tone and anti-corrosion properties.

With string prices being so competitive, it will be interesting to see how these will fare locally.

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*photos from Bluegrass Today