Marshall Rock’N’Roll Craft Beer

Amp makers Marshall has added beer into the ever-growing product list to bear its legendary logo.

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Made by Williams Bros. Brewing Co., the beers feature cool packaging and labels that resemble the famous cabinets used by many rock stars. Even the beer carton looks special.


Wonder if I can get a few of these in SG.

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*photo and story via Music Radar

*additional photo via Williams Bro.


My first impression of the Marshall brand came when I saw the album sleeve photos of Depeche Mode’s SOFAD. Dave Gahan was playing guitar sitting on a Marshall amp.

Here’s the photo by Anton Corbijn.


*photo from ADHD Guitarist Blog



Vox AC30S1

The updated version of the AC30, this new tube amp features a 1 X 12 Celestion speaker, effects loop, and weighs lighter than its predecessor.


The controls are simple and classy, with a handy digital reverb.


Definitely worth looking if you’re looking for the classic 60s sound.

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*photos from Vox

Vox Mini Superbeetle

New release at Summer NAMM.


The Mini Superbeetle 25W has a max output of 50W powered by NuTube, and has that vintage good looks to boot.


Amp makers these days pay much attention to the aesthetics and this even gets marketed for its looks on top of its primary function. Vox states on their website  “play it, and enjoy it as a decor”. How cool is that?


Looks like the successor to the recently discontinued Lil’ Night Train. And I’d say it’s a great addition.

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*photos from Vox




Laney joins the micro amp contest with the Mini-Laney family of battery-operated models.


It’s worth noting that instead of just one or two models, this is an entire range of mini-amps that are styled after their more iconic models such as the Ironheart and Lionheart.


And quite rightly, we get names like the Mini-Lion pictured above. 🙂

The range is divided into two categories – smaller 3W and slightly bigger stereo 6W with effects.  Quite cool if you’re looking for an office/spare amp.

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*photos from Laney