Epiphone Ltd Ed Joe Bonamassa 1958 Amos Flying-V

Yet another signature model from The House of Strathopoulo.



Essentially the same guitar as the Ltd Ed Korina Flying-V a while back, this one has added premium features such as CTS electronics and a special hardcase.

Oh, and a great backstory.

Raised headstock logo looks really classy.


Should make a cool collector’s item for the budget conscious crowd.


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*photos from Epiphone


Epiphone Richie Faulkner Flying-V

Epiphone has released the Ltd Ed Richie Faulkner Flying-V.


This comes with plenty of interesting and special features including EMG active pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo, Grover tuners and custom designed gig bag.


The trident logo on the headstock is also very nicely done.


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*photos from Epiphone

New Epiphone Signature Guitars

It seems like Epi is concentrating a lot on signature models these days.

Tommy Thayer “White Lightning” Explorer


The metallic white Explorer is loaded with two Seymour Duncan JBs and comes with plenty of goodies such as custom hardcase, Grover tuners and ebony fretboard.


Those picture cards and certs are very much the standard with Epi signature guitars, but that strap is flashy indeed.

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Matt Heafy “Snofall” Les Paul Custom 6 and 7 String


The phenolic fretboard and white EMGs make the guitar look pretty radical. Other niceties include straplocks and special heel contour for better fret access.


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Bjorn Gelotte “Jotun” Les Paul Custom


This one even has a bottle opener at the back. Wow.


We will see a USB port for charging the phone…  one day. 🙂

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*all photos from Epiphone

Epiphone Ltd Ed Lee Malia RD Custom

Hot on the heels of the recently launched Lee Malia Explorer, Epi has rolled out another interesting RD shape signature model.


Using the same woods as the other Lee Malia models, this one has mahogany body/neck and a maple cap.


That’s a really classy headstock.


Comes with special shape gigbag and signed certificates. I’d say it’s rather cool looking.

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*photos from Epiphone

Epiphone New Guitars

Epiphone has announced some new affordable guitars at the SNAMM.

Les Paul SL


The talk of the town is the new Les Paul SL. Billed as the “$99 Les Paul”, it comes in different funky colours including Pacific Blue shown above and Sunset Yellow below.


Not too sure about the wraparound bridge though. Let’s hope they don’t present too many problems down the road.

Les Paul LT


This should be considered a step up from the recent Les Paul Special VE due to its carved top. A simple basic guitar for those who are beginning or just wanting to try out the LP shape. Let’s hope the hardware is a step up too.

SG Special VE


So Epi has decided to give the VE treatment to the SG model this time. Like the Les Pauls, there are some nice colours to choose from.

Masterbilt DR-400MCE


Billed as the most affordable full solid Epi, this one should be attractive to those who prefer to have all solid construction in their guitars. How nice it would be if Epi can use the Wildkat style headstock on these.

*photos from Epiphone