Fender FSR Roasted Ash

Great FSR release from Fender. Roasted or caramelised tonewoods seem to be the trend these days, and judging from the beautiful grains on show, I’d say why not?


We have the ’52 Tele, ’56 Strat and “58 P-Bass for this FSR release and all come with vintage style tweed case.

*picture from gearnews.com via Thomann


ESP/ LTD KH Ouija Natural

Cool looking guitars from ESP. The ESP model is only limited to 25 pieces world-wide while the LTD model is a limited edition of 666 world-wide.

ESP KH Ouija Natural


Featuring neck-thru construction and a host of cool features like scalloped fretboard, maple pickup covers, special case & certs, as well as EMG pickups, this one should cater to die-hard fans at US$12000 retail.

original (1)

We’re talking all-out flashy-ness here. Wow.

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LTD KH Ouija Natural

original (3)

The overall design remains largely the same but for the absence of maple pickup covers and premium parts such as Gotoh tuners. Still a very cool looking guitar and the retail price of US$1399 is definitely easier on the pocket.

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*photos from ESP

New Epiphone Signature Guitars

It seems like Epi is concentrating a lot on signature models these days.

Tommy Thayer “White Lightning” Explorer


The metallic white Explorer is loaded with two Seymour Duncan JBs and comes with plenty of goodies such as custom hardcase, Grover tuners and ebony fretboard.


Those picture cards and certs are very much the standard with Epi signature guitars, but that strap is flashy indeed.

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Matt Heafy “Snofall” Les Paul Custom 6 and 7 String


The phenolic fretboard and white EMGs make the guitar look pretty radical. Other niceties include straplocks and special heel contour for better fret access.


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Bjorn Gelotte “Jotun” Les Paul Custom


This one even has a bottle opener at the back. Wow.


We will see a USB port for charging the phone…  one day. 🙂

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*all photos from Epiphone

PRS SE Custom 24 Special Run

PRS Europe has announced the limited run of SE Custom 24 with maple fretboard.


Maple boards are usually used on higher-end PRS models so this is a really cool addition considering the fact that there is no premium charged. Full marks to PRS for that.

Comes in 6 colours and each colour is limited to 100 pieces.

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*photo from PRS Europe


St. Vincent Masseduction Ltd Ed Guitars

EBMM has released the Special Edition St. Vincent guitars to support her latest album Masseduction.


Some really cool colours out there and each variant is limited to only 3 pieces world-wide. Wow.


The neon pink one is just one of those oddball guitars that has Guitarbear in the “Like It” camp. Not so sure about EBMM headstocks, but the pink one just looks uber cool.


Other features include stainless steel frets, 3 DiMarzio mini humuckers, Schaller locking tuners, and special ebony fretboard with inlays. Oh, and don’t forget that each guitar will come with special edition of the Masseduction vinyl.

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*photos from EBMM and Guitar World