PRS SE Standard 24 Limited

PRS Europe has released the limited edition Indonesian-made SE Standards in six special colours.


Nice matching headstocks that tell them apart from the regular production models. Very cool. The SE line (both Indonesian and Korean builds) has proved to be great value guitars so these should please budget-conscious buyers.

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*photo from PRS Europe



Marshall Rock’N’Roll Craft Beer

Amp makers Marshall has added beer into the ever-growing product list to bear its legendary logo.

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Made by Williams Bros. Brewing Co., the beers feature cool packaging and labels that resemble the famous cabinets used by many rock stars. Even the beer carton looks special.


Wonder if I can get a few of these in SG.

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*photo and story via Music Radar

*additional photo via Williams Bro.


My first impression of the Marshall brand came when I saw the album sleeve photos of Depeche Mode’s SOFAD. Dave Gahan was playing guitar sitting on a Marshall amp.

Here’s the photo by Anton Corbijn.


*photo from ADHD Guitarist Blog


New Cort LE Guitars

Some new guitars from Cort.



Guitarbear fell off his chair as soon as he saw this on the Cort website.

Full solid Hawaiian master grade koa is used for the entire soundbox (top and b/s), with full wood trims and bindings. Wow wow wow.

The arm bevel looks great.

Vintage Lacquer finish.png

As do the beautiful wood inlays.

Wood stars inlay.png

Comes with LR Baggs Anthem and Gotoh 510 tuners.

LR BAggs Anthem.png


Main (1).png

This gorgeous little parlour is built with a sunburst finished Adi Spruce top and myrtle b/s, adorned with stunning dragonfly inlays and abalone bindings all over. Just beautiful.

Dragonflies inlay.png

Solid Myrtlewood back and sides.png

Again fitted with Baggs Anthem so this is stage-ready.

LR Baggs Anthem (1).png

Great stuffs coming out from the Korean brand.

*photos from Cort




Epiphone Ltd Ed John Lee Hooker Zephyr Outfit

The latest signature model from Epi has a really long model name – the Limited Edition John Lee Hooker 100th Anniversary Outfit.


Pretty straightforward Epiphone semi-hollow construction with ProBucker mini humbuckers, the guitar comes with all the premium goodies such as hardcase, Wilkinson tuners, certs and photos, plus leather strap.

Just like how Epiphone has marketed this, “no better way to celebrate a century of Boogie Woogie”.

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*photos from Epiphone


Fender Ltd Ed Jaguar Strat

The latest addition to the Parallel Universe series guitars have been unveiled.


The Jaguar Strat (as its name implies) features Jaguar controls/pickups/hardware mated to a Strat body and scale length. Players more accustomed to the more common Fender 25.5″ scale will be happy with this.


As with the rest of the Parallel Universe guitars, this is retailing at US$1999. Definitely not in the affordable bracket of things.

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*photos from Fender