Billionaire by Danelectro

Some catchy model names by Danelectro with their new Billionaire series pedals.


With names such as Billion Dollar Boost, Big Spender and Filthy Rich, these pedals really seem fun.


The star of the series, however, must be the Battery Billionaire pedal which is a portable power supply. It houses four 9V batteries and a killswitch to cut power without having to unplug the pedals. Really cool!


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*photos from and Danelectro


Gibson Gary Clark Jr. SG

Gibson has rolled out the new Gary Clark Jr. SG.


Quite an unusual pickup combi here where we get three P90s loaded into the SG. Not sure how the pickup selector works here, but it should be attractive for P90 and/or Gary Clark Jr. fans.

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*photo from Gibson

ESP/ LTD KH Ouija Natural

Cool looking guitars from ESP. The ESP model is only limited to 25 pieces world-wide while the LTD model is a limited edition of 666 world-wide.

ESP KH Ouija Natural


Featuring neck-thru construction and a host of cool features like scalloped fretboard, maple pickup covers, special case & certs, as well as EMG pickups, this one should cater to die-hard fans at US$12000 retail.

original (1)

We’re talking all-out flashy-ness here. Wow.

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LTD KH Ouija Natural

original (3)

The overall design remains largely the same but for the absence of maple pickup covers and premium parts such as Gotoh tuners. Still a very cool looking guitar and the retail price of US$1399 is definitely easier on the pocket.

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*photos from ESP