Seymour Duncan Silver Lake Reverb

Awesome reverb workstation from Seymour Duncan.


This one features 8 presets with full tone shaping capabilities.

Seems user-friendly enough from the video. Good stuff.

*photo from Premier Guitar



Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer

This has been the talk of the town way before its official launch.


The Nu Tubescreamer incorporates NuTube technology into its circuitry and is truly made in Japan.

An update to a classic pedal. I’d expect this to fly off the shelves when it reaches SG.

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*photo from Ibanez

LR Baggs Align Series Acoustic Pedal Suite

Great new release from LR Baggs. The Align Series feature four pedals for acoustic players.


The four pedals include a reverb, a DI, an equalizer and a saturation/compression pedal.


In line with recent pedal releases, these are housed in beautiful casings with wood grains. Wow.

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*photos from LR Baggs and Premier Guitar