Fender Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster

Great looking guitar from Fender.


The EJ Signature model brings something special in a sense that semi-hollow construction isn’t a common feature with Strats.


2-colour Burst shown above

Co-developed with the man himself, this one combines attributes such as lighter weight and added resonance with the chambering made to the alder body.


Vintage White shown above

Other features include 12″ fretboard radius, custom quarter-sawn V profile neck, and Eric Johnson Single Coil pickups.

The two classic finishes are beautiful and should please any Strat fan. Retails at US$1999.

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*photos from http://www.digimart.net and pick–up.com/eric-johnson-breakfast/




Ibanez JS1CR30 Chrome Boy

Stunning new release from Ibanez with this latest signature model.


The Chrome Boy JS1CR30 celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the collaboration between Ibanez and Satriani. And I’d say this is a suitable guitar with its mirror-like chrome finish.


Signature on backplate by the man himself.

The Japan-made model has plenty of high-end features such as 3-piece bubinga/maple neck, Sustainiac Driver neck pickup and DiMarzio Satchur8 bridge pickup.

No word on pricing for now, but it will please the fans out there.

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*photos from Ibanez

Epiphone Ltd Ed Joe Bonamassa 1958 Amos Flying-V

Yet another signature model from The House of Strathopoulo.



Essentially the same guitar as the Ltd Ed Korina Flying-V a while back, this one has added premium features such as CTS electronics and a special hardcase.

Oh, and a great backstory.

Raised headstock logo looks really classy.


Should make a cool collector’s item for the budget conscious crowd.


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*photos from Epiphone

EBMM John Petrucci NOMAC Majesty

Astonishing-looking guitar by EBMM. First announced at Winter NAMM, EBMM has now released 21 copies world-wide.


The John Petrucci NOMAC Majesty is just an exquisite piece of art with all its intricate details.

The Timeworn Matte Silver finish works perfectly with the futuristic looking shape.


Special inlays and attention to details such as knobs and inlays on the bodies are just mind-boggling. The custom laser-cut covers on the Dimarzio Sonic Ecstasy pickups are just beautiful.

76 (1)

And here’s a look at the awesome back which resembles a circuit board.

9 (1)

Simply awesome guitar.

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*beautiful photos from EBMM