PRS Ltd Ed SE Mark Holcomb

New signature model from PRS.


The Ltd Ed SE Mark Holcomb in Whale Blue Satin finish has some special features such as a 25.5″ scale and a hand-rubbed satin finish.

Great-looking quilted maple top that looks right at home among more expensive PRS models. Cool.

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*photo from PRS Europe


EBMM St. Vincent HH

EBMM has announced the new St. Vincent HH model.


The new addition to the family first launched in 2015 now features a familiar HH pickup configuration as opposed to the original triple mini humbucker model.

Comes in four colours – (the beautiful) Sea Breeze pictured above, Charcoal Sparkle (below), Blue Dawn and Stealth Black.


Oddball design that can be a hit or miss, but I’d have to admit that the headstock is really hard to take in.

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*photos from EBMM


Epiphone Ltd Ed Jason Hook “M-4” Explorer

New signature model from Epiphone.


Interesting take on the Explorer shape with some army-themed motifs.


Pickups are the classic unbeatable 59/JB combo so this should command a premium over other Epis if it comes to SG.


As with all recent signature models, it comes with special certs and a fitted bag.

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*photos from Epiphone

Fender Custom Shop Ltd Ed 30th Anniversary Vaughan Brothers Set

This banner says it all.


Awesome recreations by Fender Custom Shop. Masterbuilt by John Cruz, these are faithful reissues, built right down to details such as the cigarette burn near the low E on the SRV #1 model.


Ltd Ed SRV Strat above

The Charley reissue even has the pin-up girl graphic.  Wow.



Front and back of the Jimmie Vaughan Strat

Limited to 30 sets world-wide, this is for the rich collectors.

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*photos from Fender

DiMarzio Nita Strauss Pendemonium

New release from DiMarzio.


The Nita Strauss Signature Pendemonium set features a 13.74k bridge and a 12.24k neck with special logo cut into the black covers.. Looks awesome and should please players who demand more output on their guitars.

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*photo from Premier Guitar